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Dutch Sheets

Friday, November 2 – 7:30 PM

Dutch Sheets

Dutch is well known for his apostolic and prophetic anointing and gifted teaching, cutting through challenging beliefs, bringing revelation and alignment to many believers. Dutch’s heart is to empower believers for a Third Great Awakening.

Here are the highlights of the message

  • God is giving Aglow the opportunity to be a part of more than one move of the Holy Spirit. We were a strategic part of the outpouring of the 70’s, and we are a strategic part of the Third Great Awakening. To do that a ministry has to know how to be able to carry the new wine. Aglow can carry the new wine.

Everlast and Evergreen

  • In 2007 Dutch had a dream where he boxed 5 giants, one giant per round, alternating fists. It wasn’t hard to knock them out since he had the right gloves. One glove said everlast, and the other evergreen.
  • In Genesis 21:33 Abraham was looking for a way to honor the Lord for giving him a son so he planted a tamarisk tree to the everlasting God. A tamarisk tree is an evergreen growing slowly, but living a long time. The generation that plants it will not enjoy it, it grows so slowly it is for future generations. We are going to sit under the shade of former covenants.
  • The evergreen tree represents eternal covenant. He will keep the promises made to this nation.


  • Dutch was impressed to go to Beersheba where Abraham stood at the well so God could give him an impartation to take out the giants.
  • On October 31st of 2017, Dutch went to Beersheba with Chuck Pierce. It happened to be the 100th year anniversary of the battle of Beersheba. It was also the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
  • At the airport on the way to Beersheba a man undressed before Dutch and mocked him. After security took the man away, God told Dutch that He was going to expose the enemy. God will reveal who the giants are, where they are, and we are going to take them out.

Pioneering Hebron Again

  • Chuck Pierce heard the phrase, “Pioneering Hebron again” for Dutch.
  • Hebron means old and new coming together, represents covenant and friendship, was the first piece of land owned by Abraham, and is the city of the tomb of the patriarchs. David was anointed to rule Israel in Hebron. It was also the place of the giants. Hebron was one of the cities of refuge which were also a type of Christ.
  • This is the season you can take out giants, even giants that have seemed unstoppable. This is the Isaiah 60 season.

End Well

  • The reason Dutch was given this word for us, is that Aglow is a giant conquering group of people. We are a people who are called to be warriors, warring against the powers of darkness and deception.
  • We must rise to a new level of faith, strength and tenacity.
  • Many times in the Old Testament after a great deliverance, the people went back to sin after only a generation or so.
  • We must keep our wine skins fresh. This is a day to put the gloves on and finish well.

Dutch’s Commissioning Prayer Over Aglow

Dutch prayed a commissioning prayer over us to be filled with the Spirit fresh and new, to be refreshed and renewed, physically and spiritually. He commissioned us to take cities, set nations free, to a higher level of faith, a fresh release of the Holy Spirit, gifts of faith, discerning of spirits, to be aware of our partnership with the angelic host of Heaven.

Allow even now Holy Spirit to invigorate, refresh, restore, re-mantle and recommission us. The recommissioning of the Lord is now on the army of Aglow. It is a new mantle of a new era, a new word for a new season, new insights and revelation, the next level of faith. This is a new season of power, the high place of authority, and nations will be transformed because of our obedience. This harvest is going to include the greatest influx of prodigals in history.

Jane – We are a giant killing organization. We are a giant killing people. We step fully into the identity that God has pronounced over this ministry!

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