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Dutch Sheets

Saturday, November 3 – 2:30 PM

Dutch Sheets

Before Dutch came to speak, Glenda Flemming spoke to us about going to see The Blue Angels with her daughter. At the event she had the opportunity to speak with a gentlemen who had insight about air superiority. He said that before the air performance ever takes place, the planes sit on the tarmac for 15 minutes in total alignment and the engines are revved to the highest degree, because they’ve got to know that they’re ready. He emphasized the importance of alignment because in those performances there are times that the distance between the wingspan of the planes is only 18 inches. They have lost pilots and planes because they weren’t in alignment. We must be in total alignment in Aglow to gain air superiority.

Here are the highlights of Dutch’s message

The hovering birthing concept

  • This ministry is coming into a greater capacity for birth.
  • The seed of His Word has life and the ability to reproduce. For no word spoken by God is without power.
  • “Hover” is first mentioned in Genesis – the Holy Spirit was hovering over the face of the earth.
  • This is a reproductive term. It also means “to envelope in a haze of light or brilliancy.”
  • It is associated with decrees. For with God nothing is impossible. Luke 1:37

The watchmen concept

  • This is a year we are going to empower the watchmen and take it to a whole new level.
  • There are 3 words in the Old Testament for watchmen. One of them not only has a defensive connotation, it has an offensive meaning, to lean forward and peer into the distance, to look in the future with prophetic insight and see what is coming, to lay siege to a city so you can take it.

The fullness concept

  • The fullness of time is often connected to the fullness of iniquity.
  • In His omniscience He sees that people’s iniquities reach a point where in His justice, He takes the nation from them and gives it to the righteous. He waits until they have reached the fullness of iniquity and spends that time developing His people to take it. There are places in the earth where the cup of iniquity is filled and is ready for His people to go take it.
  • Dutch sees Aglow becoming more and more of a threshing instrument.

The culmination of a shift into a new season – the boundary concept

  • In Acts 13 you find the word “orizo”. It means a boundary, an appointed measure, like the word horizon.
  • When you add “pro” it means a predetermined boundary.
  • Another word means to move from a boundary toward the next one. The word “set apart” comes from this word.
  • You’ve reached this boundary, now cross over to the next one. Dutch feels strongly that this is what is happening with Aglow.
  • We have a prophetic mantling which is about taking nations.
  • This is a new predestined season for Aglow.
  • Millions and millions of people will come in because of the work God is doing through this ministry.

Full circle, higher level

  • Dutch heard the words, “Full circle, higher level.” God is about to do some things again, but take them to a higher level this time around. A new wave of harvest, miracles and intercession is coming, but at a higher level.
  • The word ‘testimony’ doesn’t mean to say again, but to do again. When you talk about what God has done in the past there is power present to do it again.
  • The best days of Aglow are not behind us, but ahead of us.


The Lord said to Dutch 5 times, “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.” When he heard the words he knew they were each different Hebrew words for wait.

  1. Wait patiently for the right time
  2. Wait with trust and faith
  3. Wait longingly, lovingly, to sit on the edge of your seat
  4. This wait word means to be braided, several strands into one becoming entwined as in ‘Those who wait on the Lord…’
  5. The 5th word was the Hebrew word “Kavod” meaning, glory, or weight.

There is a new weight of glory coming upon this ministry. It is the ability to represent Him so He can be seen in us.

Take hold of, seize

  • The New Testament Word for laying hold of things is ‘lambano’. When you use the prefix ‘cata’ it means seize. I press toward the mark so I can seize the prize….
  • Run in such a way that you can win uses the word ‘cata-lambano.’
  • 1 Tim 6 – fight the good fight. The word fight here means agonize. Lay hold of eternal life. That which has been given to you, you have to seize.
  • Romans 8 – we don’t know how to pray as we ought. Ought is a legal word meaning take hold of against. If you seize the eternal prize, the Holy Spirit will take hold and seize it together, not in our strength, but in His strength.
  • We need to go into dark places and seize it from the enemy, set people free through the power of prayer and declaration. Let’s go into nations and completely, radically transform them.

Accept the new assignment, full circle, higher level. Receive the fresh weight of glory, the new level of authority to lay siege. Look into the distance ahead of time to create the proper moment. Don’t be intimidated by this assignment, but receive the binding and braiding of His heart with yours. We are established in 170 nations and perfectly positioned to carry this out.

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