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Shelly Morales

Thursday, November 1 – 2:10 PM

Right Time Break-Out Sessions

This afternoon conference attendees divided up into separate rooms to receive short messages from 4 people. The breakout groups were interactive meetings helping all of us in Aglow transition into the new era together, allowing us to engage with one another, learn in smaller group settings, and ignite this next phase of growth! After each speaker, people from the audience asked questions and gave input in the conversations.

Session Highlights

Kathy Sanders – Jesus turns potential problems into possibilities. We can be the happiest people in the world in these times. It will cause people to asks what’s up with us! God is causing us to be a prepared people group. The old man is resistant to change – stay flexible. It’s time to step into the new. Use the Fireside Chats to help in the transition. God chose us to be the end time players. We need to go from needing the help to being the help.

Christie Spalding – In the story of the tower of Babel in Genesis 11, God said that if they came together in unity nothing would be impossible for them. In the story of Gideon he said, “Look at me and do likewise.” God commands the blessing when we are in unity Psalm 133:3. That is the power of alignment. If you’re not in alignment you’re missing your assignment. When God calls you to something, that is your assignment. Then it is your job to get in alignment.

Shelly Morales – This afternoon Shelly brought a powerful word about Air Supremacy, one of the words that Dutch Sheets brought at the 2017 conference. When Israel was a young nation and hostile neighboring nations threatened their very existence they commenced surprise air attacks on their enemies giving them Air Supremacy turning the tide of the war. Shelly read the full word from the 2017 Jubilee Conference. Read the full word here. Air Supremacy means that we move in the authority God has given us. One aspect of Air Supremacy is alignment. From a positional standpoint, alignment is being exactly where you are supposed to be. When God asks us to do something we need to move without hesitation. Hesitancy causes us to miss the mark.

What is the main attack of the enemy in your area? There are a lot of drugs coming through the area where Shelly lives. She is decreeing and declaring complete deliverance from drugs, that the drugs would be found, dealers caught, and people trapped in addiction be set free. Shelly had several people come up and make powerful declarations over their areas.

Anna Gibbons – Anna spoke about the generations aligning together and the importance of that. Fun fact – Anna just celebrated her first wedding anniversary. Congratulations, Anna and Jason! Anna emphasized 3 aspects of the relationship between Ruth and Naomi. 1) Love was the entry into their blessing. 2) Timing – It was through time that they built strong relationship together. It would have been easier to go their separate ways but they were in alignment. They stretched together. They had purpose and vision in a similar struggle. 3) The power of their testimony. Be careful what you confess because your body catches up with your confession. Even when you don’t feel it, choose to be obedient.

The generations encouraged each other speaking blessing. There are young people crying out for fathers and mothers. There is much for the seasoned to deposit into the next generation.

If you missed this powerful Break Out session, you will definitely want to get the message from Fresh or subscribe to the webcast.


  1. Mary Allen on November 2, 2018 at 5:36 am

    What a blessing the breakout session was. Thank you !

  2. Maria Vega on November 2, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    Awesome breakout sessions!! ♥️Thank you!! 🤗

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