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Graham Cooke

Thursday, November 1 – 9:00 AM

Leaders Summit – Graham Cooke

In 2017 we stepped through the portal and into a fuller understanding of our identity in Aglow individually and corporately. This morning at the Leader’s Summit Graham Cooke once again presented us with the tools we need for our next upgrade, for the next step. As Aglow increases its calling to transition into a Kingdom culture, we remember the comment Graham Cooke made in 2013 at the first GameChangers Event, “It takes a long time to prepare a people group.” We are being prepared for the chaos that is coming into the earth! We will be ready to overcome every situation.

Kathy Sanders – The session started with an inspiring video of the history of America that Kathy had seen at Disney. We are the prayer warriors, the gate keepers, the true pioneers for this nation. God has placed us intentionally in our nation, down to our state, our city, our very neighborhood, even to the generation we were born in. We are the salt and the light where we are planted. We are a living testimony to the power of grace.

Linda Jones – This is the first conference of the next 50 years. We are doing things differently now. If there is no Lighthouse in your community, He wants one there. Is the Lord speaking to you about starting one? We are the light and salt in our community. This is the day the Lord has called us to be, who He planted us in the earth to be. We stand at the door of the new gate to the new day. Preach the gospel always, and when necessary use words.

Below are some highlights from the Leaders Summit message.

Graham Cooke

  • What He is talking us out of is incredible. What He’s taking us into is utterly astonishing.
  • He is taking us into a life in Jesus above and beyond anything we can imagine. He is taking us into Romans 8:15.
  • What if God wants to make you a stand out person in your generation? There are extraordinary provisions that will happen in times of chaos. It is not enough for God, for you to have your needs met. He wants you to be a focal point in your community to meet the needs of others. We are heirs appointed to the promise.
  • He will show us how He can provide even though there seems to be no provision available. That day is here!
  • If your thinking still gets wrapped up in negativity, bound in fear, or visited by the old, you’re not there yet. Keep going, keep learning. Get your GameChangers and LifeChangers notebooks out. Go back over it.
  • We are to move into a whole new place of provision, a higher territory.
  • Love is the key here. We are the  beloved of God. The only way to understand that fully is to know how we are loved in Heaven.
  • The key part of being a joint heir with Jesus is to receive the spirit of adoption as sons. Your adoption as sons is not according to the risen Christ. We were adopted before the foundation for the world. Ephesians 1
  • Inheritance is a place of legacy, an elevated position. He doesn’t want to listen to us begging. He is stilling our hearts and talking to us as sons. We have to speak from a place of divine advantage as sons of glory.
  • There will arise many people who will play on peoples fears for financial gain. Follow Jesus. We can no longer be harassed by fear, anxiety, stress. We are heirs and sons of who God is. We need to pray, “Lord You said…..”
  • Joint heirs learn how to make money work for them, how to invest, dream, and act at a higher level.
  • This is an elevator moment and it requires a dialog – “Lord, we formally accept this role on behalf of the Kingdom, as sons of glory.”
  • You haven’t gone all this way to cave in now. The world needs you to step into your place of inheritance. You still have stuff to let go of so you can step into this place.
  • What is Jesus talking you out of that is no longer acceptable? You have to get rid of stuff that no longer serves its purpose. God wants to clothe you with something so profound it will make you look and feel completely different.
  • Make your mind up about who you are in Christ. The stakes are changing and we need to live from a higher place. May we look for and see the goodness of the glory of God.

Word from the Lord

Step into and put on your inheritance and favor like you put on new clothes. Take responsibility of being a joint her with Christ. The time of barrenness is over. It’s time to enter into your inheritance. It needs a dialog, one heart, one mind one voice, one spirit. Abide at a level you’ve never lived at before. Live in a conscious abiding as an heir with Christ. You are unleashed to soar in the spirit, untethered. Enjoy the tests, enjoy the training. Be excited, empowered, act as if Jesus were actually living in you. He has a vested interest in helping us pass all our tests.

Linda Jones – Linda quoted from the Mirror Bible, “God found us in Christ before He lost us in Adam.”

Kathy Sanders – We need to embrace this with everything we have, leaving the old and stepping into the new. There came a moment in time when everything shifted. This is the Right Time.

Can’t wait to hear Graham speaking again at the Saturday evening session! To hear the whole message subscribe to the webcast. You’ll have access to view the archives of these sessions until January 31, 2019, to watch them as many times as you like. Purchase the MP4 video or MP3 audio from Fresh. Conference messages are available for download or on a USB Flashdrive.


  1. Gloria Gonzalez on November 1, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    Me encanto el comentario.Gloria a Dios Aleluya.!!!!

  2. Scott Loomis on November 1, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    Another profound word this morning through Gram! We are not a part of Aglow but the Lord told us to come to the conference. If we didn’t get anything else (but of course we will) out of the conference that word would have been enuff. Absolutely confirming to us personally in the direction the Lord is leading us. We felt a strong presence of God and are excited for what is ahead! Scott & Cheryl Loomis, Post Falls, Idaho.

  3. Nemani Ligadua on November 3, 2018 at 5:52 am

    Its so exciting to hear about what God is spirit is being ignited to about whats being spoken at the conference. I luv the intensity of the move of Gods spirit,
    Praise be to the almighty.

  4. Jan Wondra on November 3, 2018 at 6:33 pm


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